The trust

The story so far...

At the Parish Council meeting people of Cottingham first heard of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) Planned to sell the Civic Hall and Council Offices in October 2016.

Parish Council and a group of local people came together to negotiate with ERYC to keep the buildings by means of a community asset transfer.

The group distributed flyers in the local community about the situation as it was becoming clear that many were still unaware of the proposed sale.
East Riding Council Cabinet meeting decided the buildings were surplus to requirements and should be sold.

The group put in an application in for the buildings to be accepted as Assets of Community Value to the ERYC which would puta 6 month delay on the proceedings.

ERYC accepted the application for the buildings to become Assets of Community Value.
Application to become a Charitable Trust submitted to Charity Commission by the group

The group held a held a public meeting to announce their intentions and to gain the support of the local community. Over 300 people attended this meeting.
Started a petition to present to ERYC.

The Charity Commission accepted the groups application to become a Charitable Incorporated Organisation under the name of Cottingham Village Trust

The trust began with the business plan which was then developed professionally with funding provided by the parish council.
The Parish Council paid for a professional survey of both buildings.
The trust opened a bank account and received to generous donations from the public.
Petition had reached 2400 signatures.

Public rally outside Civic Hall. ERYC Cottingham councillors gave their support.
Presented Business Plan to ERYC.

Business Plan accepted by ERYC. Final decision to be taken by ERYC Cabinet in the autumn


Lindsay Bettney
Harold Kay (Parish Councillor)
Sam Kind (Parish Councillor)
Margaret Laws
Katrin McClure
Jenny Mills
Denise Sloan (Parish Councillor)
James Stansfield
Ian Start

The trustees are all local residents who have a wealth of experience ranging from business management, finance, engineering, project management, education, law, work within the charity sector and Parish Councillors.

If you wish to contact the trustees please email or catch them at one of our fundraising events.


We are always looking for volunteers so if you wish to volunteer and have not already given us your details please email with volunteer as the subject and we will send you a volunteer form.